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Shamrock Promotions: Adrenaline - Recap

By Alex Silvius | Knuckle Junkies

Shamrock Promotions presented Adrenaline at the Holiday Inn: Viking Saturday April 7, 2012. The crowd was treated to a card of fourteen matches. Here's the rundown:

Main Event: Taylor Nash vs Rickey Bolin - 155 Championship

The match began with inspired striking by both. Nash and Bolin traded punches and with each solid hit the ferocity of the bout increased. Even with stoppages due to misplaced kicks the intensity continued to build.

The second round picked up just as the first left off with solid striking. Bolin knocked Nash to the mat in a furious exchange and was able to take Nash's back. Nash refused to tap till the last moment as he passed out from a rear naked choke at 49 seconds of the second round. Bolin closed out the night with the submission victory.

Co-Main Event: Brian Schell vs Bo Kunz - 205 Championship

A more measured start than seen in the rest of the fights for the night, neither man wanted to get caught by a lucky punch. The action quickly built to an exciting peak. A very close fight with both men scoring with effective striking and submission attempts. Both men were resilent absorbing punishment throughout the fight. The crowd enjoyed this brawl for all three rounds.

In the end, when the fight went to the judges it was a draw.

Mark Chappell vs Mike Suntinger - 135

Suntinger pushed the pace. Suntinger took Chappell to the mat multiple times in the first couple minutes. Chappell was patient grabbing the left arm of Suntinger and rolling into a deep kimura.

Chappell won by Tap Out due to a Kimura at 1:59 of the first round.

Jake Dowdy vs Mack Mankowich - 170

Both came out aggressive. Mankowich connected with overhand rights. As Dowdy backed to the cage he connected with a front kick. Mankowich clinched and the two went to the mat where Dowdy secured an arm bar and the victory at 1:18.

Jason Becker vs Dustin Fischer - 185

The unorthodox standup style of Becker left him open and Fischer took advantage getting a quick TKO at 30 seconds of the first.

Marc Godeker vs Scott Surtull : Surtull TKO 2nd 1:28
Susie Wyatt vs Courtney Lemmon : Wyatt Rear Naked Choke 2nd 1:19
Matt Greene vs David Malott Jr: Greene TKO 37 seconds of 1st
John Rundee vs Jacob Zech: TKO 1st round
Charles Jhonson vs Shawn Frye: Jhonson TKO 15 seconds due to medical stoppage
Nick Meyer vs Barrett Gutherie: Meyer TKO 2:25 1st
Kickboxing Barrett Brooks vs Bill Boehm: Boehm 1:49 TKO 1st
Kickboxing Sylas Pernod vs Frankie Page: Pernod Decision
Kickboxing Exhibition Chris Kelly vs Darryl Cobb Jr: Exhibition