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Shamrock FC - Inferno Recap

By Brett Auten | Knuckle Junkies

A sold-out crowd filled the Lumiere Theatre on Saturday's for Shamrock Fighting Championships: Inferno.

The theme to the night was redirection as all four pro fighters on the main card picked up some much-needed gusts in their sails with impressive victories.

In the main event, Strikforce veteran Booker "The Country Boy DeRousse earned a first-round win over Dan McGlasson. DeRousse, out of 21st Century MMA, started the fight off with a powerful takedown of McGlasson. But McGlasson did a good job preventing DeRousse from doing much damage for the better part of the round. McGlasson's strong jiu-jitsu eventually led to him escaping out from underneath and gaining the dominate position. But Derousse soon spotted a free arm and worked a kimura until McGlasson tapped at 4:27 in the first round.

"Tonight was another step forward," DeRousse said. "I was trying to protect myself. I was right in his corner and I kept hearing them say ‘drop more elbows' and I looked for him to come up and drop them. I knew I could overpower him. I just wanted to play it smart. I didn't want to chance it."

It has been over a year since DeRousse has fought. With a rematch with Darryl Cobb slated for June 16th. DeRousse lost a split decision to Cobb on a Strikeforce card in May 2010.

"That has been a two-year grudge match in the making," DeRousse said. "Ten thousand people started booing (after the decision). They can't be wrong."

DeRousse eased back on the fight game when months and months of working 13-hour shifts, seven days a week as a carpenter began to take its toll when mixed with the training.
DeRousse is refreshed with a new lease on life in the cage. He has set up shop full time at 21st Century MMA.

"Benny Voyles, that guy is the man," DeRousse said. "I hate him while I'm there but I love him as soon as we're done."

Once Rob Washington found his flow he made quick work of Sean Huffman with a first round TKO.

Washington took time finding his range and the game Huffman, who has logged over 30 pro fights, kept himself out of harm's way until late in the round. Washington dazed Huffman with a combination and followed with a flurry of punches while Huffman was covering up while standing pinned against the cage. Referee Mike England stepped in and stopped the fight at 4:17 in the first round.

When Shamrock Promotions put on its first-ever show at Lumiere in January, Ryan Sutton made his pro debut and ended up on the losing end of a TKO.

That fight was Sutton's first at 185-pounds. On Saturday, Sutton, out of Finney's H.I.T. Squad, was back to 205 and the difference was noticeable. Sutton powered his way to a victory, winning with an arm triangle over Jason Sink just 54 seconds into the fight.

"I trusted myself more tonight," Sutton said. "Last time I was on this big mission to get down. I felt really depleted in that last fight. This time was a whole new bag. Anyone who saw me during that weight cut last time knew I was just a mess."

Sutton shifted his camp to All N 1 Fitness in Crestwood, where Jesse Finney has taken the reigns there.

"He got me in incredible shape in just two weeks for this fight," Sutton said. "It was a way different level of intensity.

It was a textbook victory for Mike Brazzle in a welterweight showdown with Adam Deroussetti.
Brazzle earned a quick takedown of the Arkansas-based Deroussetti and methodically made his way into mount. From there, Brazzle picked apart Deroussetti, dropping a huge elbow followed by several lefts and rights, before earning the TKO victory.

"I wanted to come in and throw hands but I just naturally wrestle, that's what I do," Brazzle said. "I love elbows and I got him with a good one and heard him grunt. I landed a few more and really started going after it and that was it."

Read more about Brazzle next week at

On the amateur undercard, Demagio Smith, fighting out of ATT Evolution, won by submission in the second round and had fun doing so. ‘The American Angry Bird' did a flip off the cage before and after his fight and entered the cage with his now signature Angry Birds-style cape.

Ryan Dennis looked impressive with his win over Brad Ramey. Dennis won by submission but also did all sorts of ground and pound damage in doing so.

Brandon Schel out of Exlposive MMA won a unanimous decision over Cesar Miranda out of 21st Century MMA.

Fighting for JW Wright, Matt Greene won by TKO over Herbert Morgan at the 1:14 mark of the first round and the H.I.T Squads Justin Wilkens won by rear naked choke with 51 seconds left in the first round over Derrick Bruffet.