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Round 2: Newman vs Taylor

By Matt Frazier | Knuckle Junkies

On April 13th, Fierce Taylor and Damian Newman kicked off the show at Fight Me. By the end of the three round scrap, the two had ignited the crowd and had the thousands in attendance standing on their feet asking for more.

When the decision came in a draw, an unsatisfied feeling reverberated throughout the Family Arena.

This matter will be resolved this Friday at Faction 3 when the two battle in the main event.

After the match-up, Newman catapulted to second in the Spire rankings for the area's top bantamweights. He was ranked 7th on the previous tally. Taylor had claimed the number one spot earlier in the year after returning from an injury to knock off the previously untouchable Jake Constant.

"I think he's a pretty decent fighter, but I don't think he should be ranked 2nd after a draw" said Taylor.

Taylor, who now sports a 15-2-1 record, believes fighting on the big stage affected his performance.

"Staying focused mentally is a big part of success and the week of the fight I wasn't mentally ready." Taylor said. "I've trained harder and made adjustments from the mistakes I made during the first fight."

Taylor, 22, has only been fighting for about two years. He believes he has the game plan to make sure the rematch doesn't go to a draw.

"I underestimated his power in the 1st round," Taylor said. "I got to do a better job keeping my hands up and staying out of his range."

Newman, also 22, appreciates the experience he gained from the first fight.
"I learned a lot from that fight, but the biggest thing was that I can handle the pressures of taking a fight with the number one guy on just eight days notice," Newman said. "In front of over 10,000 fans."

Newman trains out of the South Side Fight Club in South City and embodies the gym's toughness and willingness to take any fight any time.

"I haven't changed anything as far as training, but I have identified the holes in Fierce's game," Newman said. "I plan on exploiting them on the 11th. I am looking to finish it this time using whatever techniques needed."

Although confident, the 9-1-1, Newman respects the challenge he is facing.

"Fierce is a great fighter, and is thought of by most to be the best 135-pounder in the area," Newman said. "He is a very tough opponent."

Resolution comes Friday night May 11th at the Moolah Shrine Temple in Creve Coeur. This rematch is guaranteed to be explosive.

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