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Nemeis Fighting Alliance: Contendor Takeover - Recap

By Alex Silvius | Knuckle Junkies

A wild crowd of standing room only at the Teamsters Hall were treated to 13 exciting matches Saturday February 11th. Here's the rundown:

------------------Under Card------------

Pete Dugan vs Brandon Loyd - 150
Dugan amateur debut was strong. An enthusiastic start for both fighters as the first round was highlighted by loose hands and wild scrambles. Dugan secured a crucifix in the second round ending the match by strikes at 1:32. He mentally and physically exhausted his opponent.

Chris Coffman vs Jake Pelikan - 125
Arm bar at 2:05 in first round earns Pelikan the victory.

Dennis Moore vs Mike Pickett - 145
A wild start to the second fight of the night as both fighters let there hands fly and a scramble covering the entirety of the cage. After a beautiful hip toss by Moore he was able to secure full mount and pound out the victory by TKO at 1:39 in the first round.

Sean Bevin vs Justin Lankford - 155
Lankford wins with rear naked choke at 1:14 in the first round.

Dan Caldwell vs Greg Maurath - 145
First round Maurath completed two take downs. Scrambling ground attacks throughout the first round.

Caldwell begins the second round by connecting with a head kick. But the round ended with Maurath trying for a choke.

Final round starts with both fighters throwing bombs and ends with an arm triangle choke at 58 by Maurath.

------------------Main Card ------------------

Brian Borden vs Kris Hetlege - 135
Brian Borden out of Team Destruction MMA in Farmington, MO taking on Kris "Bad Intentions" Hetlege out of Southside Fight Club. Borden forces the action into the cage looking for a take down. Kris works a guillotine for several minutes before Borden slams him down into side mount.

Hetlege takes top position on the ground working the ground and pound. Controls the round.

Third stats with attempts at head kicks and hay makers from both. Hetlege continues to the work the body from any position. Scoring points. Winning the round and the match for Hetlege. Unanimous decision.

Mike Green vs Jake Martin - 155
Martin starts the match with a takedown. Green is composed from the bottom, pressed arm bar and heel hooks. Martin landed solid shots but Green worked several submission attempts ending the round in dominate position.

Second round starts with both standing in the middle of the ring trading leg kicks and jabs. Mid round saw Martin secure a take down again with Green attacking with submission attempts from bottom. Green held a leg triangle choke for more than a minute ending the fight at 2:20 of the second round.

Jake Buehler vs Andrew Demarco - 170
FIGHT OF THE NIGHT honors for this one.

Starting off strong Buehler landed a head kick leading to a standing guillotine. Demarco was able to escape the guillotine by kicking off the cage. Buehler ended the round with a hip toss.

In the second Buehler lost a point mid round for grabbing the fence. Working from behind Buehler scored with hammer fists late in the round.

Not wanting to leave the decision to the judges Buehler looked to finish the fight in the third round. Clearly winning the round with ground and pound Buehler but Demarco proved resilient.

Even though he was unable to stop Demarco the fight ended with a majority victory for Buehler.

Cody Sanders vs Bil Dwyer - 215
KNOCK OUT OF THE NIGHT goes to Bil Dwyer

From the start, the intensity of the ring was different with the heaviest weight class of the night. After an initial grapple the pair slammed into the cage dimming the ring lights. Heavy strikes from Dwyer earn him the first round TKO at 1:17.

After his victory Bil Dwyer is looking cut weight and fight at 185 next.

Larry Turner vs Justin Werts - 155
Turner picked Werts up while in his guard standing both up. Both were willing to bang. Turner stood in the middle hands down ready to swing. Turner's lack of discipline leads to him taking more damage than necessary.

Crowd cheering Turner on to stand up before the round starts. Ground and pound from Turner scored points and excited the crowd. Despite all of this Werts worked the leg triangle from the bottom earning him the submission victory at 2:15 in the 2nd round.

Chris Heatherly vs Tony Souders - 205

Light heavyweight NFA Title. Heatherly Shot first with a leg kick, superman punch and finally single leg take down sequence. From side control Heatherly worked effective ground and pound. Heatherly gained full mount and looked to finish at the 20 second mark. But a failed arm bar attempt lead to Souders getting the final punch from top position to end the exciting round.

Again Heatherly went for a single leg. This time however Souders countered well ending the fight with a guillotine choke at 30 seconds in the second round retaining the title.

Ronny “The Boss” Harper vs Daniel Baynton - 145 Featherweight NFA championship / Opening Round Spire Bantamweight Tourney

Ronnie Harper pressured early gaining Bayton's back within 10s of the round's start. However Bayton was able to escape and both men worked hard on the ground trading blows and submission attempts. Bayton secured a strong arm bar at 5 seconds left and Harper hung on to the bell.

The fighters showed good endurance as both fighters showed no signs of slowing down to start the round. A furious pace as the well matched fighters kept it up until the rear naked choke of Bayton finished the fight at 2:21 of the second round.

Wil “Crazy Little Mexican” Alfaro vs Richie Fernow - 135 NFA Championship.

Fernow dropped Alfaro with a single leg then sunk a rear naked choke at 2:22 to claim the bantamweight NFA belt and close out the event in an exciting manner.

Berger MMA took home the Team Title for the night.